Leave No Trace Racing, LLC was founded in 2013 from a vision to bring a winter ultra-marathon event to Northeast Wisconsin (because the world does not need another 5K – even in the winter).  Leave No Trace Racing, LLC will offer unique and challenging ultra-endurance events, in potentially extreme weather conditions, for economic and health benefits in the midwest.

Winter in Northeast WI

Winter in Northeast WI

The intent of the Ice Bowl Ultra is to offer a point-to-point and “leave no trace” run, bike, or ski race across the Bay of Green Bay.  The Ice Bowl Ultra is one-of-a-kind to Northeast Wisconsin in that it promotes winter tourism and fosters the participation in silent endurance sports such as snow-biking, skiing and running while utilizing our natural resources.  The Ice Bowl Ultra will help expose a totally new and rapidly growing community (the ultra-marathon community) to our region.  Additionally, it will present our local population with another exceptional way to maintain their health and fitness during a time of year where some consider their fitness options to be limited.

Race Directors - Nathan and Heidi

Race Directors – Nathan and Heidi


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