Course Description

Your self-supported winter adventure on the Bay of Green Bay will begin off of Dyckesville; from there, you’ll follow the shoreline north to Henderson Point in Little Sturgeon Bay. The Henderson Point Aid Station will have water to refill containers.

Athletes will proceed west across the bay to Oconto from Henderson Point. Do expect to cross one to three pressure cracks en route to and from Oconto. Note that these cracks will be marked and discussed, in detail, at the mandatory pre-race meeting. (Keep in mind that these cracks are crossed often by local fishermen in trucks!)

You MUST check-in at the Oconto Aid Station by 5:00 PM and collect a race bandana. If you do not check-in at this aid station, you will immediately be disqualified and asked to never return to the Ice Bowl Ultra. Hot soup, rolls, coffee and water will be available to refuel in preparation for the return to Dyckesville. Athletes who reach Oconto past 5:00 PM will be required to stay in Oconto and await transport back to Dyckesville. Athletes who DNF in Oconto will need to await transport back to Dyckesville (keep in mind that the wait might be long).

After departing Oconto, you’ll head back the way you came to Henderson Point and then, ultimately, to the finish line in Dyckesville. Lighted markers will bring you back to Henderson Point beginning approximately five miles offshore.

From Henderson Point, you will parallel the shore to Shoemaker Point and then to the finish line in Dyckesville. Lighted markers will help guide you from Shoemaker Point to the finish. You can expect to see these markers approximately every mile.

Course Notes

  • All Dead Zone Ommegang 75 athletes will park in Dyckesville.
  • Ice conditions vary from year to year. Athletes can expect surfaces of glare ice, packed snow cover, and/or uneven ice (likely a combination of all three).
  • Any athlete who chooses to drop MUST turn-in their bib and notify a race official immediately. Understand that the failure to do so will result in a search effort and you will be personally liable for these costs. Additionally, you will be asked to never return to the Ice Bowl Ultra or any Leave No Trace Racing event in the future.

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