Read the rules and gear requirements BEFORE you register.  If you do not have the required gear on race weekend, you will not be permitted to race.  If you plan to register for the Dead Zone Ommegang 75, you are also required to have experience to suggest that you are fully capable of safely completing the event.  If you are unsure if you have the necessary qualifications, please e-mail us at:

Register for the Ice Bowl Winter Ultra on Active

Registration Fees for 2015:

Dead Zone 20

  • Thru 12/31:  $85
  • Thru 1/31:  $95

Dead Zone Ommegang 75

  • Thru 12/31:  $145
  • Thru 1/31:  $160

Ultra Ice BowlRefunds are not available for (insert whatever reason you cannot participate here).  However, events ARE based on the safety of ice conditions and distances are subject to change and/or cancellation.  Should the event need to be canceled due to unsafe weather or conditions, you will be issued a refund for 95% of your entry fee.


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